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Yoga is a perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.You will be guided into 8 restorative postures while listening to the sound of didgeridoos, Tibetan singing bowls, voice, harmonium and more.

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To us, it means the health and ease of body, mind, and spirit.

We want this space to be yours, to welcome you with open arms, as you are, who you are and loving who you love.

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Based in beautiful Jasper, Alberta, Jasper Wellness is a centre focused on people and their well-being.

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Students are encouraged not to force their muscles, but instead to breathe and allow the body to open and release in its own time.

Motor skill exercises, mobility training, as well as other targeted programs to retrain muscles and body functionality.Do you start your day with a visit to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.


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Workplace wellness is any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve health outcomes.

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It can put a smile on the face of adversity whilst winking at a world often weighed down with somberness.At Unity Yoga and Wellness our intention and mission is to provide an inclusive, brave and supportive space where all individuals are welcomed to explore their own unique yoga practice and embark on the journey of self transformation.Ceremony of Sounds is a collaboration of sound healers who bring together powerful vibrations and yoga postures.

We will come to your place of business to teach yoga for an individual or a group.

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Yoga and Meditation work together to find balance on and off the mat.Through yoga and meditation, mindfulness and awareness become clear and finding it off the mat becomes simpler.

Postures are linked together in flowing sequences connected by the breath to create a practice of continuous movement.

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She focuses on the needs of the person with special interests in slow and restorative yoga, yoga and pilates for breast cancer, as well as seniors.Souris Yoga and Wellness Studio offers a wide variety of yoga classes for all levels and ages plus offers massage therapy, fitness classes, Reiki, aroma-touch massage and osteopathic services.

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Some fitness industry experts believe this exploding field will help unhealthy people go from wanting to do something to actually getting it done.


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